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You’ll soon be able to use text messages to give money to – and raise money for – the Joubert Syndrome and Related Disorders Foundation.

On Oct. 1, which marks the start of Joubert Syndrome Awareness Month, the foundation will send out instructions on how you can make donations through our new text-to-give platform.

It’s the easiest way to give money to the foundation. All you have to do is text a keyword to a designated short code (instead of a phone number).

Want to be one of the first people to give it a try? Then join our mailing list (or, rather, our texting list).

To sign up, text Awareness31 to 51555.

Then, on Oct. 1, we’ll send you a text with instructions on how you can give to the foundation via text message. You’ll also receive occasional text messages from the foundation.

Those who do give via text will receive access to an incredible video filmed at the 2019 JSRDF conference. They’ll also be helping us meet our goal of raising $31,000 during the 31 days of October.

We also encourage you to come up with your own ways to use the text-to-give system.

Want to sell t-shirts for a fundraiser? The Fundraising Committee can work with you to create a personal short code based on your chosen keyword. Then anyone who wants to buy one can send a text containing that word to the short code and receive a link to an order form.

Want to put on a BBQ fundraiser with a live/silent auction? The Fundraising Committee can set up a keyword and short code, so people can subscribe and get details about the event.

You can brainstorm your own unique way to get the donation keyword/short code out. You could post fliers at local businesses, send an email out to coworkers or text your friends and family. The possibilities are endless!

If you visit and click on ‘Get Involved’ and then ‘JS Awareness Month’, you’ll find a link to a customizable email fundraising template, as well as some other great ideas on how to help us raise $31K in 31 Days!

Reach out to Cassie Meiers at for help with setting up a fundraiser. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, as well.  Cassie can even help you reach out to local businesses in your area to inquire about potential donations.

Happy Fundraising!